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Founded in 2018, Eden Park Foundation (EPF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to providing clean water to individual families, villages, and communities worldwide who currently do not have access to water supplies safe for drinking, sanitation, or agriculture. Solar-powered technology quickly disinfects water contaminated with harmful bacteria and viruses and does so without chemicals such as chlorine. 

In communities where the need for clean water is greatest, water sources often exist but are unfit for human consumption. Much effort has been devoted to digging new wells. However, even the water in a freshly-dug well will be infected quickly, as does all standing water, because of exposure to air. It is for these situations that EPF provides the technology, guidance, installation, and training to disinfect water for families, villages and small communities. 

The disinfection units are small, lightweight, and efficient (See Description of Technology) and, in those situations where electrical power is unavailable, the units are powered by a small (30 W) solar panel. Developed over the past decade, the technology is robust, easily repaired on location, and is environmentally responsible because the units produce the disinfectant (ozone) directly from air and do not rely on chemicals such as chlorine or bleach. Any residual disinfectant, beyond that necessary to clean the water at hand, automatically reverts back to the oxygen we breathe. 

The technology and training provided by EPF are cost-free, and the Foundation is supported solely by individual contributions. Individuals, villages, and communities around the globe are served, regardless of country, ethnicity, race, or religion.


The purpose of EPF is to provide clean water worldwide in Christ’s name.
He offers living water (John 4:10-14; 7:37,38) to anyone who asks, and we are dedicated to providing clean (ordinary) water to individuals and communities around the globe. 


Ozone water disinfection systems have already been installed and are in service in 13 countries around the globe. We have witnessed the impact that clean water can have on a community: reducing illness (particularly among children and the elderly), enabling children to spend more time in school, and allowing parents to significantly increase the family’s income and living standard. 

It’s our desire for those we serve to taste the well of living water that leads to eternal life, and to never thirst again. Please prayerfully consider joining us on His mission to share both clean water (physical H2O) and spiritual living water with our neighbors in developing countries. 

The purpose of EPF is to provide clean water worldwide in Christ’s name. Our vision is to train, empower, and encourage indigenous believers in developing countries to distribute and service this technology in their own county or region through micro-businesses they own. 

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